Salmon Fishing in Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula

Are you ready to fish Alaska Style?  Alaskan Salmon are bigger, faster and stronger than your wildest fishing dream.  No membership required to fish the mighty Kenai river, but what you do need is a good Alaska fishing guide.


Why choose us??  Why are we your best choice?

We love fishing, we love taking you fishing, & we love watching you catch fish.  The story of how Eric sold all his belongings to start guiding is a great story, click on our About Your Guides page to read the rest of the story.

We’ll tell it to you straight.  If the fishing is no good that time of year, we’ll tell you.  We’d rather have informed, happy clients versus just having seats filled in our boats.  In other words, we are honest.

Quality.  We take pride in our boats, and in our gear. We take pride in catching our clients fish.  We take pride in being a good Kenai River fishing guide.  Yes, some of our trips start really early but we would rather get you out on the river and on fish, than be the boat that doesn’t.

10% of the guides catch 90% of the fish.  Be informed.  Call us.  Even if you don’t book with us, we still want to help you. 

We are not for everyone, and everyone is not for us.  Although we can say we are pretty accommodating for most people - Give us a call, see if we are the right choice for you.  907-252-9094

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Eric and Kasey

The Fishing Calendar

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King Salmon

Fishing for Kenai River king salmon and Kasilof River king salmon begins around the middle of May and goes through July 31.  There are two runs on each river. On the Kenai River we use our 20 foot power boats and on the Kasilof River we use our 20 foot drift boat.  You are allowed to tag 5 kings on the Kenai Peninsula.  You are allowed to tag one fish per day.  And 2 of the 5 may come from the Kenai. 

Silver Salmon

Kenai River Silver salmon or Coho fishing begins toward the end of July and really gets going in August.  Same goes for the Kasilof River silver salmon.  Across the Cook Inlet on our fly out trips, you can begin fishing for the acrobatic silver salmon around July 20.  The limit on silvers is two a day in August on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers and 3 a day on the fly outs.  Then beginning in September the limit goes to three on both the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers.  Silver fishing in October is often overlooked.  This is an incredible time to come fish for silver salmon.  You often have the river to yourself.  Lots of options open this time of  year.  Plug fishing, spinner fishing, and with the water level dropping and clarity increasing this is when fly fishing really ramps up. 


Halibut season begins mid May and goes strong through September.  The limit is still 2 in our area of South Central Alaska.  These are awesome fish to catch and are even better to eat! Check out our Halibut page for some delicious recipes.

Sockeye Salmon

Otherwise known as red salmon, sockeye salmon are a hard fighting fish. These fish can come in the rivers by the millions.  Which makes for great catching! Most people say these are the best to eat and smoke.  These are tough fish to catch though, you can't be any geek off the street, you gotta be handy with the rod, if you know what I mean, you gotta earn your keep.  And our guides will show you how! Regulators!! Mount up.

Rainbow Trout

Kenai River Rainbow trout fishing begins June 11 and goes all year through May 1.  We primarily fish for rainbows in the fall after our salmon season ends.  Just after these trout have gorged themselves on king salmon eggs all summer.

Check out our trout page for more information.

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Steve Rubio, Washington

I just want to thank Eric and Kasey for making my trip to Alaska a dream come true.  They worked hard on the water to put us on fish day after day.  Everything was top notch from helping us plan our trip to filleting our catch at the end of the day.  Thanks, We'll be back!