Pink Salmon
pink salmon

Kenai River Pink Salmon Fishing

Fish the world-famous Kenai River for Pink Salmon.

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Fish for Pink Salmon
On even years

If it’s Pink Salmon, or Humpback Salmon you want, then plan a trip up to the Kenai river on an even year.  Pink salmon come into the river by the millions and can literally turn the water black with fish. These fish are fun to catch for all ages. They grace us with their presence every other year and are sure to keep a constant tug on the end of your line!

Starting in late July, there’s a good three week stretch where you can catch these fish like crazy, and it’s fun for the whole family.  They usually average around 5-10 lbs, are aggressive bitters and a fun fish for all ages and experiences to catch.

If you’re here during Pink season, we’ll turn you into a Humpy Hunter!

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