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Alaska Silver Salmon

Kenai River Silver Salmon Fishing

If you’re looking for a rod-bending adventure, then let’s plan your trip during the Silver Salmon runs. These acrobatic fish make for some exciting sport fishing!

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Alaska’s Greatest Sport Fish

Fishing for Silvers is pure excitement. Once you’ve set the hook, get ready for a wild ride. Don’t be surprised when these lively and acrobatic fighters leap out of the water, and then splash back into the river as they furiously battle to shake your hook.


You’ll find that most Alaska Silver Salmon weigh approximately 8 to 12 lbs., but can grow up over 15 lbs. These are very aggressive and territorial fish, they will swallow up eggs, fly’s, and spinners alike. This means you can catch these magnificent fish so many different ways, from fly fishing, to trolling, or even casting spinners. In August these fish begin entering the rivers by the thousands; providing our anglers with an action packed Alaska fishing trip!


The late run of Silvers presents a great opportunity for combo fishing trips for Rainbow Trout as well. Many customers opt for our combination fishing trip. One minute you’ll be releasing the Trout of a lifetime back into the glacial waters and the next you will be hanging on to a pole as a Silver Salmon crashes up through the water. The Rainbow Trout and Silver Salmon fishing August through November is always incredible, and planning a trip during this time also means less crowds on the river.


Fly-Out Silver Fishing

Late July to November

The Kenai and Kasilof Rivers aren’t the only place to catch Silvers. If you’re looking for a little more adventure, we can head to more remote locations such as Big River Lakes, the Kustatan River and Crescent Lake, just to name a few. When you choose one of our guided fly-out fishing trips to remote Alaska, we’ll fly in a float plane to the remote location of your choice and give you an Ariel view of Alaska you won’t believe, AND catch some incredible fish as well!


Kenai River Silvers Run

August 1st to Late November

Kenai River Silver salmon or Coho fishing begins toward the end of July and really picks up in August. In August the limit on Silvers is two per day on the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers. Then beginning in September, the limit goes to three. One piece of advice we always give to our friends is that Silver fishing in October is often overlooked. It’s an incredible time of year to come visit Alaska in search of Silver Salmon, because you often have the river to yourself!


Kasilof River Silvers

August 1st - Mid-September

The Silver fishing doesn’t stop in the Kenai River, the Kasilof River is a popular fishing destination to catch plenty of Silver Salmon. Silvers swim far up the Kasilof River from the Cook Inlet entering the glacial waters of Tustumena Lake. The peace and quiet of the “non-motorized” section of the Kasilof will only be broken by the splash of your hooked Silver or possibly Steelhead. This is a truly beautiful and serene part of the Peninsula everyone must see.

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