Cook Inlet is the perfect backdrop for a day fishing on the open waters.

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Cook Inlet Halibut
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Cook Inlet provides the perfect backdrop to spend a day fishing on the open waters.  Our fishing tours depart from either Ninilchik, Homer, or Anchor Point.

All three launch sites offer great fishing grounds, and an incredible view of the beautiful icy blue waters of the Cook Inlet.  You’ll be surrounded by the Alaska Range on one side and the Kenai Mountains on the other.

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The open water fishing season runs strong from May through September. Our halibut boats are coast guard regulated which allow up to six passengers, and they provide a comfortable warm cabin equipped with a head to keep you from freezing while you’re on the water.  You’ll always be in the hands of a trustworthy and experienced captain and crew, and we always place safety as our number one priority.

You’ll spend most of your time fishing from the large back deck, and this is where all the action takes place. We recommend rubber boots and rain gear because chances are, you’re going to get wet! Cook Inlet Halibut range from 20 to 50 lbs.; however, Cook Inlet is known to be home to some gargantuan Halibut, so there’s always a chance you may pull out one of those 100+ lbs. monsters you always hear about.

• From May through September
fishes to catch

More than halibut,
We fish for Lingcod
and rockfish

Alaska Lingcods are a pretty ugly fish, but boy are they fun to reel in!  They’re a very aggressive fish, will bite on most anything, but we have a few special tricks up our sleeve to get some big ones on the line. Good Lingcod fishing starts on July 1st and the typical size is around 25-35 lbs.  But every once in a while, you’ll snag a big 55 or 60 pounder.

And don’t be disappointed if you reel in a big Lingcod instead of a Halibut.  They are native only to our North Pacific waters, and they are just as fun to catch and delicious to eat.  In fact, a lot of people prefer the taste of Lingcod to Halibut.

When we’re out seawater fishing, we’ll most likely catch some Rockfish as well.  There are multiple kinds of Rockfish species around Homer where we’ll be.  Some of the most common are black sea bass, yellowtail and the dusky rockfish.

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